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 Candy M***** REVIEWS 4 weeks ago

Being a veteran myself, I was happy to find JDog Junk Removal. Little did I know what a WONDERFUL experience this would be. There was a lot of stuff from a 20 year "collecting" situation. The guys from JDog were not only efficient in removing everything, they also were extremely sensitive to the homeowner's circumstances. They treated her (and her items) with respect & dignity. I also was glad that some of the useable items would be donated to organizations that need them. I HIGHLY recommend this company and their workers for not only their professionalism, but also their kindness.

 Danielle P. *****8 weeks ago

I am very happy after my experience hiring JDog earlier this month to remove a good amount of furniture, electronics, and household items from my upper apartment. They were very professional over the phone and in person, arrived right when they said they would, and also had everything carefully out of my house in under 30 minutes on top of moving a mattress and boxspring between rooms after everything was cleared out. The pricing is very fair and reasonable and I appreciate that they work to donate what usable items they can. I would not hesitate to hire them again or to recommend them to friends & family.

 Lisa E. ***** 8 weeks ago

We hired the JDog Team to demolish a large, wooden playset and to haul it away. They were polite, friendly, professional, and had everything down and cleaned up in a fraction of the time we thought it would take. If you need anything hauled away, definitely give them a call. We would hire them again, for sure. We also love that their company is empowering veterans!